Most of the issues facing our country are multi-faceted and extraordinarily complex. Insert politics into the equation, and the complexity increases exponentially. In order to understand these policy issues and the various perspectives around them, members of Congress, the public, industry and nonprofits must first have a basic knowledge that is rooted in fact. With our Basics series, Center Forward presents complicated issues in a non-partisan and easy-to-understand manner that provides decision makers with alternative viewpoints.

Click Here for the PDF Version Overview Throughout the 20th century, our national network of roads, bridges, and transit systems connected once isolated regions and led to economic growth from large cities to small towns. Yet today, our transportation infrastructure…

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Click here for the PDF version Overview Nearly 1 in 3 Americans receives health insurance from the federal government. Three major programs provide this coverage: Medicare, Medicaid and the military health care system. How many Americans does the government cover?…

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