For decades, leaders in Washington have called for solutions to address the struggles and challenges that ensnare the people, governments, businesses, and other organizations that are caught working within the United States’ current outdated immigration system.

The debate and legislative fixes have shifted over the years with comprehensive immigration reform and smaller, more targeted packages nearly clearing congressional passage with bipartisan support but ultimately always falling short. The immigration challenges
have reached a critical flashpoint and as a result, too many are locked out of the American dream.

Recently the House of Representatives passed the American Dream and Promise Act with more bipartisan support than garnered previously. This legislation would create a pathway to citizenship for millions of Dreamers and Temporary Protective Status (TPS) holders who have called the United States home for decades. Additionally, this legislation creates opportunity for farm and agricultural workers who are vital members of communities and help our economy thrive.

As Congress again attempts reforms to the immigration system, Center Forward conducted a national poll on the subject to gain insight and perspective into the thinking of voters in key swing states and districts. Preliminary results from the poll conducted in March 2021 show broad bipartisan support for protection from deportation and a path to citizenship for Dreamers, Temporary Protected Status (TPS) recipients, and undocumented farmworkers living and working in the United States.

As the Senate is set to vote on immigration legislation imminently, it remains clear that voters in all corners of the country recognize the need to fix the system with reforms that are humane, common-sense, and that provide economic stability for these individuals and the greater economy.

This poll shows that a majority of Americans agree that Congress should pass legislation to permanently protect Dreamers and TPS recipients so they can continue to live, work and contribute to the only country they know as home.

One key finding in this poll is that this legislative package garners support from nearly 74% of voters, with more than 50% strongly supporting. The more targeted and narrow piece of legislation earned the support of 53% of Republicans which highlights the recognition by both sides of the aisle of the need to pass immigration reform. These initial numbers reflect previous consensus on the need for immigration reform.

Center Forward Immigration Poll Report

Center Forward Center Forward Immigration Poll:
Findings and Recommendations from a Nationwide Telephone Poll of Likely Voters, March 2021