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Cori Kramer

Published on August 9, 2023

Cori Kramer is a centrist leader with over two decades of getting things done for all Americans. As Chief Executive Officer of Center Forward, she leads our mission to provide centrist allies the information and support they need to craft common sense policy solutions to the challenges facing the country today.

As Chief of Staff to prominent Congressional pragmatics Mike Ross of Arkansas and Brad Ellsworth of Indiana, Cori helped move some of the most consequential policy solutions of this century, addressing the nation’s taxation, health care, banking, trade, and manufacturing priorities to build a stronger and more resilient nation.

An experienced political strategist, she has always worked on the competitive front lines, where votes are won not by party affiliation but by direct voter contact and persuasive messaging backed by unifying ideas. She managed the successful re-election campaign of Congressman Mike Ross against significant partisan headwinds, and also managed the re-election campaign of Congressman Charlie Stenholm and the U.S. Senate campaign of Congressman Brad Ellsworth.

Cori is also a member of Women for Economic and Leadership Development, and a mentor and member of How Women Lead.

Cori received her Bachelor of Arts from Rhodes College in 1999. She currently resides in Virginia with her husband, Ted, and sons, Jack and Ben.

Community Involvement: