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Center Forward's Insights is where you'll find the latest in opinion and thought pieces on policy, legislative, and regulatory issues, carefully curated to offer valuable perspectives to policymakers, influencers, stakeholders, and those involved in shaping consensus in Washington.

The expert analysis and up-to-date information in Center Forward’s Insights empower you to make informed decisions and contribute to the ongoing dialogue surrounding critical matters affecting our nation. Stay ahead of the curve by exploring our Insights aimed at fostering a deeper understanding of the complex challenges we face.

Direct e-file won’t make filing taxes any easier — but it could make things worse

As the Internal Revenue Service contends with a cut of over $21 billion in the debt-ceiling deal, it should focus on cost-efficient ways to maintain and improve our vital taxation system.

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Voters have found common ground. It’s time for our elected officials to do the same.

The responsibility to govern belongs not just to the party in charge, but to every elected member of the government.

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