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What We Do

Fostering Dialogue

Through a variety of formats, Center Forward brings leaders together to address the most pressing issues facing the country.

At Center Forward, we believe in fostering meaningful dialogue and collaboration among a diverse group of stakeholders to drive positive change in policymaking. Much of our work focuses on organizing a range of convenings that bring together an array of influential participants, including elected leaders, Executive Branch officials, government staff, business leaders, advocacy organizations, political leaders, and other policy influencers. Our events feature a variety of formats, including informative panel discussions, government staff briefings featuring expert witnesses, interactive roundtable discussions, policy conferences, networking receptions, and much more. Through these gatherings, we provide a platform for sharing insights, exchanging ideas, and building consensus on critical issues.

Latest Dialogue

Braun and Manchin Raise the Alarm on National Debt and Federal Budget

Hear from the leaders of the Blue Dog Coalition, the New Democrat Coalition, and the Republican Governance Group.

Watch POLITICO’s three-panel event looking at the future of doctor-patient interaction in medical decision-making.

@SenatorBraun: “It was my pleasure speaking at the @CenterForwardUS Budget Panel with @Sen_JoeManchin to discuss how we will restore fiscal sanity in the U.S. Business as usual cannot continue!” 

More Dialogue

@NewDemCoalition: “New Dem Chair @RepAnnieKuster participated in a bipartisan panel hosted by @CenterForwardUS to discuss areas where Democrats and Republicans have been able to find common ground and how governing from the middle out is the best way to accomplish big things.”

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Discover the advantages of bipartisan cooperation showcased at this Center Forward discussion.

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@RepSusieLee: “As co-chair of the Bipartisan Women’s Caucus, I have seen firsthand what we can accomplish when we set aside our differences and work together. Thank you @CenterForwardUS and @BizRoundtable for having me!”

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