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What We Do

Polling & Research

In an effort to educate key leaders and policymakers, Center Forward regularly conducts independent research on important issues of the day, including opinion research on how to best communicate those ideas to the general public.

Informing Decision Makers

In a world of complex challenges and diverse perspectives, making sound decisions requires a comprehensive understanding of the issues at hand, the opinions of the American people, and the power of facts. As a nonprofit organization with a reputation for rising above partisan politics, Center Forward is uniquely positioned to present the latest research to policymakers, as well as other influencers in Washington, D.C. and around the country.

Candidate Qualities and Elected Officials Job Performance – June 2024

Center Forward commissioned a poll with Morning Consult to look at what voters use to determine who they cast their ballot for, including the most desirable characteristics, how closely the candidates align with their political views, and the value they place in bipartisan efforts.

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Open Seat Candidate Research – April 2024

As a non-profit focused on convening pragmatic Members of Congress, Center Forward and American voters benefit from an understanding of what makes legislators productive and/or pragmatic. By studying Republican and Democratic candidates in open-seat primaries, we can better analyze philosophies about governing before individuals enter Congress.

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Views on Industry Innovation – March 2024

In March of 2024, Center Forward commissioned a poll on voters’ perceptions of different industries, innovation occurring across industries, and the impact of this innovation on the economy as well as opportunities for bipartisanship.

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Americans’ Attitudes on Education Debt – March 2023

Global Strategy Group and Center Forward released a survey of 1,000 registered voters nationwide on Americans’ attitudes on education debt.

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Survey of 2022 Likely Voters in Battleground States – July 2022

Overall, this research suggests that Election 2022 will hinge on which party is able to show it is taking meaningful action to stabilize the economy, lower inflation costs (housing, gas, and food), reduce gun violence, and protect a woman’s right to choose.

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Benefits and Costs of a Return-Free Filing Tax System in the United States – December 2021

Various efforts have been proposed over the years to reduce taxpayer compliance burdens ranging from simplification of the tax system generally to specific changes to the way tax returns are prepared, filed, and processed.

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