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Survey of 2022 Likely Voters in Battleground States – July 2022

Published on July 21, 2023

Overall, this research suggests that Election 2022 will hinge on which party is able to show it is taking meaningful action to stabilize the economy, lower inflation costs (housing, gas, and food), reduce gun violence, and protect a woman’s right to choose. This issue set covers the top issues for Democrats, Republicans, and Independents. Moreover, persuadable voters in the battleground states want bipartisanship that produces results and see ‘toeing the party line’ as the greatest barrier to meaningful legislation that affects their everyday lives.

There’s a lot of media attention around immigration and abortion, but when push comes to shove, battleground state voters care most about pocketbook issues, regardless of their partisan alignment.

  • Voters’ pain points are real, and they are common – things are hard for them right now, and they fear they’ll only get worse.
  • But the economy and inflation aren’t the only things that matter. Reducing gun violence, lowering the cost of health care, and protecting a woman’s right to choose also rise to the top as important – and motivating – national issues.
  • A clear majority of voters believe the healthcare system is not working for Americans, and 1-in-5 voters want national leadership to address rising out-of-pocket costs.
  • The political institutions in America are failing – while our leaders prioritize issues at the extremes, everyday battleground state voters feel alienated; neither party will win points in battleground states by catering to more extreme views.

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